Menu not charging

Hello everyone,
So we built the makerbuino with my son 1,5 years ago, working without problems. Sometimes the main menu was not charging, but doing the C button trick always worked. We didn’t touch the Makerbuino for a few months and when my son wanted to use it today, the menu didn’t charge and doing the C button trick this time didn’t work. Here is the different things I did:
-C button trick
-Charging the Makerbuino for a few hours
-Making sure the SD card is properly inserted, blowing several times on the SD card and in SD socket.

After all that, nothing change: the screen LED lights up, but the menu doesn’t charge.

I’m thinking maybe something is wrong with SD card? If someone encountered the same problems or have ideas of what I should do?

Thanks in advance


Thank you for supporting MAKERbuino and I am sorry for the problems that you’re experiencing.

This is quite odd… can you please send us your console:
Maksimilijana Vrhovca 11,
47000 Karlovac,

We cannot help you remotely any further so I’ll personally fix your console and get it returned to you.

You only need to send us the circuit board in order to make the package as light as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.


Wow, that’s good customer service, thanks Albert :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll send it to your expert hand in a few days :wink: I’ll send without baterry even? I don’t think anyway the problem comes from this.

Hey Pierre,

thanks, looking forward to your package.

Don’t include the battery, it’s not the cause of this problem if the screen’s LEDs light up (that proves the battery is ok and giving voltage)