Microcontroller placed inverse


I’m newbie on this and I started wrong by placing the Microcontroller with the notch to the other side (left), is it worth to keep with the next steps or I need to fix the microcontroller position first?


Hi @sejyta If I get you correctly do you mean that you have put the microcontroller socket in the wrong way or the microcontroller? Can you upload an image so we can see what you mean exactly.

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Inverting the socket is not critical. And if you soldered all the pins, it an be complicated to unsolder it without damaging the PCB. I suggest you to keep it this way. In this case, make sure you insert the microcontroller in the other direction so that its pins are connected to the right pads.

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Thanks for the response Tom, so I went ahead and keep soldering and the screen light up but there is not text at all, do you know if this inverted socket could be the reason? or I should check on another issue?

The socket is like wires, it does nothing. It is only used so that you can remove (therefore replace) the microcontroller without unsoldering. Just make sure the microcontroller is inserted properly and in the correct orientation.

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Thanks!, I put the microcontroller on the correct side but still not text though, is there any way to know if the microcontroller is still working?

The picture doesn’t show the socket or microcontroller?.


@Tom, @bitfogav, thank you for trying to help @sejyta out!

As @bitfogav already said, we really cannot help you without sending us photos of your MAKERbuino’s back side. Also, include a photo of the front side with the screen removed so that we can see the soldering joints on the microcontroller’s socket.