Micropython Firmware

Silly question - on the Ringo Python gitpage is says to
Remember to flash the provided “ESP32_c.bin” custom firmware as it contains all the dependencies required for Ringo phone to work with MicroPython
However, in the zip file there is a file called ESP.32_ringo.bin
Should I be using ESP32_c.bin or ESP.32_ringo.bin and if it is the former, where can I get the file

Hey David,

I’m sorry about the confusion, it was a typo in the tutorial, I have corrected this so it shouldn’t confuse anyone anymore. You have to use ESP32_Ringo.bin in the zip file. Hope this helps!

Many thanks, I am trying to follow the instructions to flash firmware using nodemcu-flasher. It says to put ESP8266 into its programming mode. How do I do this


I’m not sure on what guide you’re referring to as we don’t use ESP8266 in our phone, can you please send me the link of the guide you’re following? Thanks!

This is the githib link

Basic set up link

Which then links to

Okay, so here it goes.

Some breakout boards that feature ESP chips have so called “programming-mode” where you have to press a specific button in order to flash something in the memory. Most of them, however, don’t have this and they can be flashed anytime. The same case is with ours ESP32 that powers MAKERphone. Everything should work just by uploading it and without pressing any other buttons.

Did you try it like that? Did you get some error or something?

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