Missing Female Header (8 Pin) [SOLVED]

Hi guys!

Started working on my kit last weekend. I did double checked I had all the parts before I started but didn’t open the Nokia LCD from its packet until I needed it.

Unfortunately I’m sure I’m missing the 8 pin female header that needs to be soldered to the PCB first (for the LCD to plug into in on top of it). I did have a rumage about some old circuit boards but couldn’t find anything the right distance (too tall).

I understand you’re totally busy at the moment and it’s probably a bit hectic over there but busy for info / feedback. I’ve had to order (what I THINK is the correct) part from Ebay, they come in a row of 40 and can be split but it was a little disappointing as I’ve had to put it all away for a month while I wait on delivery from China :sob:

Anyway, other than that, keep up the good work guys, great project! (I’m the ‘synaw’ on Twitter who keeps pestering you :smile: )


The thing you’re after is shown below (it’s the black thing on the right). They are very cheap, but components from China normally take at least 3 weeks through eBay, unless you pay for postage. Depending on where you are, you should be able to pick these up from a local electronics outlet.

Looks like you are UK, so Maplin… http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/modular-connector-32-socket-strip-dc17t (looks like the correct header, but check in store).


I have the same problem. Although i received the 8 pin connector, there were only 7 pins. Do you have any recommended websites to buy them in the USA?

Sparkfun are in the USA, so maybe try https://www.sparkfun.com/products/743. It looks to be OK, but check with them that this is the correct header.

China will be cheaper (via eBay), you’ll get hundreds for about a few USD, but it’ll be a long wait (several weeks).

@mitchil @sanchez.126.sergi, sorry for my super-late reply. I apologize for the missing parts. Have you guys managed to find the machined header somewhere? If not, please send me your Kickstarter usernames or addresses so that we can send you the missing parts.

@mitchil @sanchez.126.sergio, any news on this?
Should I mark this topic as [SOLVED]?

@albertgajsak Sorry for the late response Albert! Shortly after posting my original question I ordered the header in question from Ebay (they were incredibly cheap, but took a few weeks to arrive). Managed to get my rig-up and running great in the end. You’re free to mark this solved (for my query at least). Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

@mitchil, thank you for solving that. I once again apologize for the missing component.
Ok, I will contact @sanchez.126.sergio via private messages and mark this as [SOLVED]