My Games on home screen?

Hello, i just made my game for the nibble, now i’m wondering if i can make it show up as an app on the home screen? :orange_square: :video_game: :joystick: :cheese:

This does sound plausable, but you would have to code the startup screen before the actual game starts, which is quite possible. Maybe you could put a “Clear screen with black” block if your using circuitblocks, or the equavilent in c/c++, then code the app icon display, and make a wait until “A” pressed before the game start code? just some ideas. I wouldn’t know how to go about it if your talking about an app with the others retro games in the orignial software. Also, I’ve had look at your game, and it looks great!

That sounds good, but what I was trying to say was have the default games playable and another app icon which is my game and also playable, and exitable to the menu.:grinning:

Mmm. That sounds tricky. I guess you could go into the original firmware code, if it’s accessable, and then figure out what happens in the game selctor, and then do what I thought about in my first reply. Though I don’t know were to find the originsl firmware…

Circuit mess has a github with the code for all of the games, but it’s all been split up into multiple files… So that would be pretty tricky to add in my one-file-450-line code.

could I have a link to the Github page?
I may be able to help😄

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Ok, I think I’ve got it. There is a file in the Nibble-Launcher there that is called .gitmodules. edit it, and copy and paste a set of the three lines into the last lines. Upload your game to github, and make a link to the directory in the URL section. Also, make a shortcut to your directory in the src/games/ folder also in the nibble-launcher. Then edit in the src/ folder the menu.h and menu.cpp to add your game icon from a folder you have to make yourself in your project called bitmap (check out the invaderz-nibble bitmap folder to see hoe it’s done). reupload your hardware from circuit blocks. since I presume it gets the hardware from the github folder. That should do it. Oh my

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I would like to do that maybe, but would I be editing it for everyone else too? If I am then I don’t want to really do that but if I can make my own copy of the file and load it into my nibble? Idk idk about github

Also my game is one file

Sorry about the deleted post, I copy and pasted the same thing into here
I know, but if you put it in a GitHub respiratory and put the bitmap folder in, then put the link into where I said you should put it, it should work. Eg.

I did lots of converting to get the bitmap folder right! Use this page to convert your 32*32 logo to a c file, and get rid of all the random elseifs at the top. You only want the #include <avr/pgmspace.h> at the top. next, convert the logo from a whatever file to a .bmp. upload both, and make the .c file a .hpp! That’s the bitmap folder :grinning:

We plan to add official support for loading custom games to the homescreen in the future.

In the meantime, all of your hacks and workarounds are welcome