Need new screen

I got the phone assembled and running over xmas break and today I accidentally broke the LCD display. Can I order a replacement from you guys? BTW, phone is working perfectly on Ting (USA). I am getting lots of compliments when I pull it out and use it …


Thank you for such kind words!

Sorry for your screen though. :confused:

However, there is no need for panic. We can get you a new screen for a minimal fee so you can be the coolest guy in the neighbourhood again! :smiley:

The question is - are you good at desoldering things? It’s a little bit more complex thing than soldering and doing it badly can cause some things to break.

Can you do it yourself, to desolder the screen and solder a new one on, or do you wish to send the phone to us so that we do this whole replacement process?


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Just to point out the obvious… if you desolder the 8 pins on the screen board side (as opposed to the main board side), it would be hard to break anything because that board’s already broken for the most part anyway.

Hi Frank and Robert, I am happy to soder the screen myself. Just let me know what you need from me in order to have the screen shipped to me. Thanks a bunch.

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