Nibble - after restoring firmware via CircuitBlocks Battery too Low warning appears

Hello, I have just completed the nibble project (great fun by the way!) and it was working fine, I had just put some new batteries in and decided to try circuit blocks.

I then, because I can, connected the nibble and tried the ‘Restore Firmware’ button. This all went OK it seemed but now, even with new batteries, I get ‘battery level too low shutting down now’ and cannot seem to get past this.

I saw that there was some similar problem in the makerbuino section but the resolution made no sense in this context. I.e. in CB interface (I use Linux) I only have the option to start a new project or ‘restore firmware’.

Any help would be welcome.

Thank you

Thank you for supporting our work and welcome to the forum.

This has no connection to MAKERbuino.

I will look into this and get back to you ASAP

Albert, thank you. Just so you know, I can still upload and run the CB examples in the lessons. They all work while I am connected via the USB B cable :smiley: But it’d be cool to be able to restore the nibble back to the default games/settings etc.

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