Nibble: Continual spontaneous resets during animation

A couple of the earlier tutorials seemed to work fine. Then I got to this one.

Running the “animations” example from:

I get the expected green ball that moves down and purple ball that moves up, but after 1-2 bounces, the entire unit just spontaneously resets. I get another 1-2 bounces and a reset. Endlessly.

Peeking behind the LCD I can see the blue LED lit dimly while the animation is running (or flashing very quickly, maybe) then a bright flash upon every reset.


// cm:esp8266:nibble
#include <Arduino.h>
#include <CircuitOS.h>
#include <Nibble.h>

int i;

Display* display;
Sprite* sprite;

void setup() {
  display = Nibble.getDisplay();
  sprite = display->getBaseSprite();


void loop() {
  for (i = 30; i <= 120; i++) {
    sprite->fillCircle(80, i, 15, TFT_GREEN);
  for (i = 120; i >= 30; i--) {
    sprite->fillCircle(80, i, 15, TFT_PURPLE);


Hey, thank you for supporting our work and pointing out this potential issue.

We are a bit booked at the moment with other projects, but I’ll take a look into this as soon as possible with the rest of the team and come back with a response.

Thank you