Nibble, no sound or display has blue light

Hello I just put together my nibble and when I did my first test check it all was working fine. Shortly after putting it in the case the screen no longer lights up and there is no sound. All of my soldier joints look good so I’m at a lose here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @JamesC would you be able to send pictures of your solder joints?

Perhaps a picture of bother the front and back of the board. Just looking for anything out of the ordinary.


Dear @JamesC please send us a few pictures just like @popespacious said in the comment so we could check it out.

Thank you,
Dora from the CM

@JamesC, please fix the soldering joints. Make them look like small volcanoes, just like in the picture below. Make sure to go over each joint and fix it if needed. Also, make sure that you have enough solder to cover the bottom of the pin and that there is not too much solder.

Keep us posted about the progress,

Dora from the CM