Nibble Screen Issues after Firmware Restore

We restored the firmware on our Nibble, but now the top portion of the screen shows a colorful fuzzy static, and only the lower portion displays the games. It was working properly before we restored the firmware.

I am having the same issues with my son’s Nibble. Everything worked great until we tried to do custom coding and needed to reset the firmware afterwards.

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Same here! Trying to upload micropython and when it uploaded successfully the nibble wouldn’t turn back on.

Reset the firmware (4 times now) and we get a 1/3 of the screen, at the top, showing as static.

Hey @Tim_Plunkett, @Andy_W and @Jed_J,

please try switching the drivers for the display.

To do so, follow these steps:
Hold the Menu button, then reset NIbble while continuing to hold the Menu button. The display will restart with the message “Hold Menu to switch display driver.” Nibble should then restart with a different driver, and the display should function properly.

Let me know if this helped,

Thanks Monika, that worked!

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Thanks for letting me know!