Nibble screen won't light up

Hi, we are halfway into building our nibble, but the screen doesn’t light up. The “turn-on” sound happens when we switch to on, and a bit of a blue led glow appears behind the screen and i can very faintly (i think) see the animation appear on the screen, but it’s like black on black and could just be my imagination.

we took the batteries out, checked the solder connections, restarted and got the boot sound but no screen light up…

any ideas? thanks!

Please send us photos of your device via and we’ll help.

Thank you

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Hi Albert - thanks for the quick reply.

One update - the screen APPEARS to faintly work (it actually gets darker when you boot it up and the 4 tone startup sounds play). I’ll send a short video and some photos to the email address you gave.


Thank you very much, we’ll help via the support email