Nibble vs makerbuino

Bonjour, J’ai fait une commande pour la makerbuino et le site d’achat vient de m’informer qu’elle est en rupture de stock et qu’il me remplace mon achat par la nibble qui serait une version avancée de la makerbuino (couleurs, wi-fi, 16bits). J’ai plusieurs questions avant de donner mon accord sur ce remplacement :

  • J’ai beau chercher je n’ai pas trouvĂ© d’information sur le wi-fi. A quoi cela sert il et comment s’en servir,
  • la nibble est livrĂ©e avec moins de jeux que la makerbuino et la communautĂ© n’a pas encore dĂ©velopper de base de donnĂ©e de jeux. Peut on tĂ©lĂ©charger les jeux du gamebuino wiki sur la nibble ? peut on utiliser les jeux du makecode arcade ?
  • la communautĂ© n’est pas très bien rangĂ©e, il n’y a pas de sous groupe Nibble, je n’ai donc pas trouvĂ© les informations recherchĂ©es.
    Merci de votre aide.

Bonjour, bien d’accord avec vous. je viens d’en commander une pour mon fils, et passé le montage, facile, je suis un peu déçu. Je n’ai pas encore trouvé le moyen d’uploader du contenu makerbuino/gamebuino, il n’y pas de documentation ou très peu. circuitblocks n’a pas d’exemples… je me sens un peu bloqué. Bonne journée. Matthieu

@glubuluck @fiduciaire thank you for supporting our work and I am sorry for the slow reply here.

The official language of this forum is English so please try using that language, it will make it easier for non-French speakers like me to understand your posts properly.

Let me answer every one of your questions one at a time.

No matter how hard I look, I couldn’t find any information on wi-fi. What is it for and how to use it,

Nibble has WiFi functionalities, but they are not used in the current software version. We will look into adding this functionality in future software revisions.

the nibble comes with fewer games than the makerbuino and the community has yet to develop a game database. Can we download the games from the gamebuino wiki on the nibble?

There is no easy way of porting MAKERbuino games to Nibble at this point. We will look into porting some of the Gamebuino games to Nibble in the upcoming months.

can we use arcade makecode games?

Unfortunately not.

the community is not very tidy, there is no Nibble subgroup, so I could not find the information I was looking for.

We will create the nibble subgroup, thank you for pointing this out.

Hello, okay with you. I just ordered one for my son, and after the assembly, easy, I’m a little disappointed. I haven’t figured out a way to upload makerbuino / gamebuino content yet, there is little or no documentation. circuitblocks don’t have any examples … I feel a bit stuck. Have a good day. Matthew

I am sorry that you are disappointed with Nibble. Please understand that it is a new product we are still working on.
Which part are you stuck with?

Dear albertgajsak,
thanks for replying.
You’re right, communication is easier with one language.
I see you made a nibble section , thanks !
I’ll go further with codeblocks with my son.

to explain in a few points my disappointement :
i firstly heard about makerbuino, but i had to order for nibble because makerbuino was not produced anymore but i found some frustrating changes :frowning: :

  • makerbuino documentation was in french so it’d be perfect to my son to practice by himself -> only english for nibble (english is not a problem for me, but for my
    10ys old son it is)
  • makerbuino building was a lot of soldering and a bit difficult : actually my son loved to make the nibble and using of soldering iron, but was a bit too short and easy ! The harder the better satisfaction !
  • makerbuino was on arduino so easy to control and program. esp is powerful but more complicated
  • makerbuino was compatible with gamebuino, so it meand a lot of documentation (in french) and games from community
  • makerbuino used li-ion battery, nibble turns to disposable batteries . why ?
  • makerbuino used an easy to manage sd card storage. easy for a kid to add & remove games.

have a nice frozy day !

@glubuluck Thank you for your feedback, I will take it into account when planning future Nibble software updates and developing new products

if anytime you plan to make some french translation of documentation / tutos, i can help.