Nibble wont turn on!

So I ordered the Nibble to test out as a project for my class and upon putting it together, I noticed that it did not turn on when I put all of the parts together. I was wondering if the quality of the solder can affect the performance of the device? It was my first time soldering and I probably did a very poor job but could someone check these images out and tell me if there could be an issue and the fix? I already tried changing the fuses by the way. Thank you all!


Hey there @8Bit_Coding thank you for supporting our project and posting on our forum!

The soldering seems to be the issue. Please reach out to us at [email protected] and our customer support staff will be glad to help you out!

Dora from the CM

Hi @8Bit_Coding. It looks like there is some bridging on the solder points on your screen and on your power switch.
Bridging happens when there is solder from one pin overflowing onto the next.
Every pin should be soldered like your button pins.
The pins on the bottom left of this image are an example of bridging.

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