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I’m in New Zealand. I am dismayed to find that I need something called Ting or Tmobile. Neither of these exist in NZ.
Is it not possible to connect to Vodafone or one of the other NZ telco’s ?
If this is so, then what a waste of time and money.
Please can someone advise.

Hi there,

Looking at the information about the networks in New Zeland, everything should work fine.

Vodafone is supporting bands 900 and 1800 MHz, which is supported on the SIM7600E, which you should have on your phone.

I linked some stuff below so you can check it out for yourself.

You can also try some other network if Vodafone is not working, because all of them should work fine.

Another issue you might have is wrongly inserted SIM card.
You can check out how to properly insert it here -

After insertion, shut the phone down and boot it up again so that the SIM module gets reset.

You should also maybe exit the house or get closer to the window, so you can easily get that first connection to the tower.

Stay in touch so we can resolve this issue, :slight_smile:


FIXED - I had already done everything suggested - EXCEPT - I had tested the phone before full completion. Once fully built it just worked. I think the reason was because I had the tape on the antenna. So - my bad. Sorry guys.


Hey there,

Nice, thanks for the update! :smile:
I’m glad you managed to assemble it and I hope you had fun while doing that. It’s always the best if you do everything that’s in the build guide and then test it.
Now it’s time to enjoy your new phone!