No Power at processor

I am one of the organizers of a tech club at our school. We are building Makerbuinos and have gotten to step 12. The kids or I have most of them working but I am at a loss with a few.

One doesn’t have power to the processor. I’ve tested it with a multimeter and no current on pins 1,7, 20 and 21 like I saw recommended to test in another topic. Any ideas? I took the screen off and made sure all the joints were good but still nothing.

The other 2 that aren’t working I can’t figure out. They have power to the chip and the screen but don’t turn on. I have a feeling they will have to be sent back but I’m open to suggestions on those as well.

@ben, thank you for supporting MAKERbuino and I am sorry for the problems that you’re experiencing with those units.

The power issue sounds like it must be related with the power circuit, did you try resoldering that part too?

Also, did you test the battery for some signs of unregulated 3.7V voltage before the regulator?

About the ones you cannot figure out - please get in touch via private messages or email ( and we’ll help you fix them.

Where are you located? We can most likely arrange free shipping slips for you.

Also, we’d like to get in touch with you and see the workshops that you’re making. If you have some photos that you can share with us, we’d love to share them on our social media channels :slight_smile: