No signal.. what am I doing wrong?

Just received my preassembled 4G unit… yey! Charged it for two hours… inserted sim… ran through the setup… everything passed except for sim test 3/3. Updated firmware… factory reset… setup… same thing. Stuck on “loading” on top. Confirmed working T-Mobile sim card. Ting card same issue. Inserted sim exactly as shown by both the built in setup visual and the online get started instructions and confirmed with a few previous posts on this forum. I opened up the phone and inspected and reseated all the parts just to make sure. I’m in an area with strong signal (NYC). I tried using the phone in clear skies, restarted but nothing. 911 works though (sometimes). I successfully restored the firmware from CircuitBlocks but no sim change. I’m stumped.

Antenna plugged into top most port.

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You have a DM!


Everyone seems to have the same problem, but everyone just talks about going outside or switching services. I haven’t seen one difference in what people are doing. I have done it all and every phone company I talk to say the same thing. No one can get my makerphone to work.