No sound after soldering everything [SOLVED]

I just finished soldering my MAKERbuino. Unfortunately, I’m stuck at step 25 “TEST everything” as I do not hear the signature MAKERbuino sound when turning on the device as expected. I already tried to de- and resolder the speaker wires several times but no luck. I also tried setting the mute switch and volume potentiometer to different positions but no luck. Any ideas?

After running the checkup wizard the sound suddenly worked. So everything’s fine! :slight_smile:

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@escamillo, I’m really glad that the sound works fine now.
That was actually a glitch I’m responsible for. In the early bird kits, the sound will turn on only after you’ve completed the checkup wizard…sorry for that :sweat_smile:

I hope this won’t be your last time soldering and that you’ll make many more cool projects with (and without) your MAKERbuino.
Please show us your working MAKERbuino and if you’re going to post it to social media, tag us with @makerbuino so that we can see it!

Find a picture of my MAKERbuino in this thread:


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