No sound from the speaker but with the head phone [SOLVED]

Hello all

We have finished out MAKERbuino today. My son is very happy it was a good experience for him…
We found one problem: no sound with the speaker. If we put head phones in the jack, the sound is there.

What can we do? How can I figure out if the speaker is death? Any suggestions

Many thanks for your replies


Hello, Can you confirm that you have switched switch2 on (to the left).?.

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hm, what a shame :scream::scream:
We thought the sound is on when the switch is in right position like the on/off switch. Therefore we never switched off…

All good, thanks for your feedback, the sound is working


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@spoadr I’m glad that solved you’re issue :slight_smile:

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@bitfogav, thank you for helping @spoadr out!
I will mark the topic as [SOVLED]