Not turning on at starting point - bad solder? [SOLVED]

So this is my first time soldering and building anything like this. I reached the testing stage as in the instructions and my makerbuino did not turn on. Could there be a problem with my soldering, I must admit it does not look great in places. I have uploaded pictures of my soldering with some components taken off to see all of the soldered points on the board.

If this is the case is it an easy fix?





Hi Alex, It looks as if pins 5 and 6 of the header for the display are bridging (touching) one another. Have a look and remove some solder if that’s the case. An easy way to do that is reheat a pin and quickly tap the board on a surface sideways. A small blob of solder should roll off. Fingers crossed that does the trick!


I thought this might be the case. So any points that are bridged need some solder removed?

Yes, otherwise the electrons can flow down a path that they weren’t intended too.

Sweet, thanks for your help. I will give that a go and see if that is the problem, hopefully there are no other issues

Another way to remove excess solder is to quickly drag the hot clean soldering tip between the bridged pins. This doesn’t work so well though if there’s a lot of solder. Best wishes


It worked. Just finished up building and everything works great, Thanks for your help!


@Lysa_Bacon, kudos on helping @Alex out! You’ve just earned a couple of badges :slight_smile:

@Alex, congratulations on making your MAKERbuino work! Pics or it didn’t happen :smile: