Notifications and messages not in sync

Hi there,

I’m having an issue where lockscreen notifications are out of sync with messages app. For instance, messages app has none, while lockscreen has two SMS impossible to remove. The only way is to mount the SD on a pc and rm {notifications,messages}.json.

My guess is that this is happening when manipulating a dirty in memory version of messages in messages app.


The notifications can sometimes just “break” due to the fact that they are written on an SD card. The signal that the message has been opened can just get “lost”, just like the corresponding numbers between messages and notifications can get mixed up.

It is a really rare occurrence. And yes, when trying to edit any of the .json files it is highly possible that somethings will get broken.

If that happens the solution is just like you told it - clearing notifications so that they can start from 0 and work as intended again. :smiley:


Does twice a day seem rare to you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, that is a bit too often…

I would first reccomend you to format the SD card - you can download the default SD package from our GitHub page.

If you’re still having problems after doing that, it means that the SD card is corrupted and the best thing would be to replac the SD card.

Sorry for this, the SD cards just sometimes get corrupted and it’s just the way it is. :confused: