Only backlight on my screen - step 12 ok, step 23 just backlight

Hi all,
yesterday I received my second Makerbuino (I took the first one during last MakerFaire in Rome) and started asap to assemble it.

I arrived successfully to step 12: turning on Makerbuino, the screen showed my a message telling me to adjust the contrast, like the one published at step 23 ( Of course, I couldn’t d oanything since still I hadn’t soldered the push button and all the other components of chapter #4.

Then, I continued with steps in chapter #4 but, at the end (step 23) only backlights work on the screen: no message, no text, no sound.

I tried with hard reset (turning off device, inserting sd card, pushing C button, turning device on again, releasing C button and waiting for more than 30 seconds). I also tried hard reset twice times in sequence.
The LiPo battery is charged.

It’s quite frustrating.

I’m not an expert in soldering but it doesn’t look as a too bad work.
Here is some shots of my work.

Can someone give me some help or suggestion?

Thanks a lot.


I think is lacks a solder on the SDcard, the 4 from the right. No?

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@kukulo, @f4egx is right, you forgot to solder one SD card data pin.

Also, please note that you need to have the SD card inserted in the device while doing a hard reset in order for hard reset to work.

Keep us posted!

@albertgajsak, @f4egx, you were right, I forgot to solder that SD card data pin.

As soon as I soldered it, it worked!!
I successfully tested all the buttons, both potentiometers and sounds. Finally, exiting the setup page, I got the game screen :slight_smile:
Then I just tried to browse across the different pages, looking at all the game icons before finishing touches (chapter #5).

But, again, after finishing to assemble also the case, my Makerbuino shows again only backlights :frowning: .
I tried hard reset (with SD card inserted, of course) twice and finally I heard the sound of the mail page… without seeing anything on the screen. The same happens if I turn off and turn on again the device, I can only hear the sound… looking at the backlights.

It seems that the screen is not working properly (or there is some other weakness in soldering components).

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot.


This sounds quite odd and is likely a contact problem. Please, try reheating the soldering joints in the LCD.

Also, if you do not manage to fix the device yourself, you can always send it to us:

Maksimilijana Vrhovca 11,
47000 Karlovac,

I will fix it personally for free and send it back to you.
You will only need to pay the shipping from your country to our address.

Thank you for your understanding

Hi Albert,
yesterday I reheated joints both on LCD and SD Card.
As a result, the device started again to work for a while… then the same problem: no text or image on display, only sounds.

I wanted to test it a little bit, trying to understand if the problem was due to an unstable joint. I tested (by gaming) just putting the device on a desk, trrying to push buttons without too much strength and without moving the device: sometimes the display works, sometimes it doesn’t, withount any specific apparent cause. I also tested it (and the same was done by my son and my daughter) “shaking” it, putting the device in my pocket for a while and then turning it on again to play, etc: it lasted a lot without showing any problem, then again the display was blank…

Do you have any other idea before I send you back the device as you suggested?

Thanks a lot.

In both cases,


This is quite unusual, I’m out of ideas.

Send it over and I’ll fix it.


I am experiencing the same problem. After step 12, I had the “adjust contrast” screen. I then continued soldering all the components. Now, at the final test, I only get the backlight of the display. Also, when turning on the Makerbuino, I get a chime sound on the headphones. Hard reset seems to work, after 30 seconds, I hear the startup chime again.

But still nothing on the display. @albertgajsak, do you have any suggestion what to try?
attached an image of the display, there seems to be a dark border on the top.

Looking forward to your suggestions!

Hey, thank you for supporting MAKERbuino and I am sorry for the problems that you’re experiencing.

Please, open a new topic and include some photos of your MAKERbuino’s front and back side without the casing attached.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!