Options for generating WAV files


I created some Ringotones© using ffmpeg, but they all sound a crack at the start.
I’m suspecting a header that the Makerphone doesn’t like.

Can you please post WAV file specifics, or ffmpeg options we need to use?
Here’s what I tried (to no avail):

ffmpeg -i foo.ogg -flags +bitexact Ringotone.wav

Other files play too slowly even though they have the same bitrate…

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Hey guys,

There is really no need to complicate things here. We don’t use ffmpeg and can’t really help you with that one.

Here is a simple tutorial that is located on our page -https://www.circuitmess.com/adding-music-and-images-to-ringo/

All you need to do is find one of the converters online or in some or your normal audio programs and convert with 44100 Mhz bitrate in MONO channel. This mono bit is really important since it doesn’t support stereo channels and you’ll get a really slow, crackling sound.

The problems with one major crack is with the metadata - please try to remove that because Ringo can misread some of it and cause the file not to play as intended.

You can use a page like this to get it done! :slight_smile: