Pins Broken On ATMega [SOLVED]

I just got a makerbuino, but unfortunately when I was soldering it a few pins broke off and 1 pin completely broke off so I can’t fix it by soldering a resistor leg or something.
What should I do?

Hi, @MatthewDeDom,

If the pins broke at the nearest side of the black body of the ATMega, which is the most probable thing, I’m afraid there’s nothing to do. You’ll have to buy a new ATMega :frowning:

I think you can order one from CircuitMess. You can ask @albertgajsak or write a mail to support :wink:

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Thanks for telling me

The fact that you destroyed pads means there is something wrong with the way you solder. You may need a little practice.

I think you let the soldering iron way too long on the PCB. This may be due to several reasons.

  1. the temperature of your iron was too low, so you had to maintain it longer to get the solder melt. If you can change the temperature, set it to around 350°C
  2. the iron tip was either dirty, or dry (no solder on it). In either case it is difficult or impossible to melt solder. Each time you solder, clean the tip with a wet sponge (not soaking wet, but wet enough though), and apply a little solder on the tip. This will protect the tip from oxydation, and solder melts easier when in contact with melted solder (remember Terminator 2).

Basically a solder should not take you longer than 1s or 2s. If you can melt solder that fast, either the iron is too cold, or the tip is dirty or oxyded.

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@MatthewDeDom, what is the status of your build? Do you still need a new ATmega? Did you manage to solve anything?

i have a new ATmega coming, but if it still doesn’t work i’ll ask on here

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ok @MatthewDeDom, where did you get the ATmega? Did we send it to you?
I shall mark this topic as solved!