Procrastinating on building the phone because I'd like softer, more quiet buttons

Hi all,
As an owner of the Makerbuino I was always withheld to use it (especially among people or in public) because of the loudness of the buttons. Hence I’m now hesitant to start building the Makerphone that lies here, un-built and o so quiet. …
So before starting a thorough search on my own I’d thought to ask the question here first.
There’s an article on the forum here that mentions the same about the Makerbuino: Buttons too hard
Does anybody have suggestions on which alternatives I could use, or even just the right terms or numbers to use when searching.
Links and tips more than welcome. I’ll use this thread to update any findings of myself.

'till then, all the best from Belgium,

The buttons used are something called “tactile buttons”. You can switch to a ‘momentary’ “push button”. You can hear the quiet plastic rub against the aluminum housing if you really want to, but there’s no internal mechanism to cause clicking or scratching.


This is the most common variant push button. You can search for smaller ones.

Just a small update (when I have a more interesting follow-up I’ll update the original post)
@8bitRobot thanks for your input.

I was more hoping to find an exact ‘copy’ of the regular buttons that came with the Ringo-kit. But then a less clicky sort.

Think the sort of feedback or feel of an e.g. Playstation 4 Dualshock controller. I went looking for the type of button used in the DS4 and found the answer on

So that’s a whole different setup.
I’ll continue my search :wink:
Skimming through all possible buttons on e.g. this site: I can’t seem to find one that would fit the button caps.

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You could add the rubber to the button caps for padding.

If it needs glue, always use Loctite 414 for rubber/plastics. An alternative to 414 is generic Loctite Superglue.

@jonwtr, thanks for supporting our work! :slight_smile:
I’m sorry that you’re dissatisfied with the clickiness.
Usually people like it because everything is non-clicky today.

Basically, what you’re looking is a switch with less operational force. That means that you’re looking for pushbuttons that are easier to press and thus less clicky.

there are some alternatives to the pushbuttons that we’re using and that should be footprint compatible:

Big buttons:

Small buttons:

Tbh I’ve never benchmarked the clickiness of these buttons compared to the ones on the MAKERphone, I just know that they have a lower operational force rating in the datasheet


I wouldn’t go as far as stating I’m dissatisfied … It’s more of a “speak now or forever hold your peace”. As I think it’s not a good idea to try to disassemble it afterwards. I’ll save that skill for later.

I humbly thank you @albertgajsak for taking the time to talk directly to your customers and elaborately replying. I’m slow to move forward in this process but your reply encourages me to move forward :hugs: I’m going to update this post when I’ve made progress.
Bye for now. :face_with_monocle:

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@jonwtr, thank you for the kind words.

I really love talking to my customers and I find it really important for our future product developments. So any feedback you give me is much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Just as a bit more feedback, I’m also not a huge fan of the very clicky buttons. I’m probably not going to desolder the buttons to fix it in my case, but I am curious, @jonwtr, did you ever go through with getting the suggested alternative buttons? If so, did they work well?

@patrick I’ve got the buttons, I ordered the ones mentioned by Albert, they’re less noisy. (Got me thinking though; as they’re also less resistant, could this result in more accidental pushes?)

Anyway, I haven’t forgotten about this, I’m just still in the process of procrastinating :wink:
I did record some video to compare. One day I’ll edit them and post here …