Buttons too hard

I found the buttons very hard to press, and quite noisy.

I think this is the ones you are using:

The datasheet says the operating force is 260gF. A normal keyboard is around 50gF, gamepads should be roughly the same. The lightest in the same series is 130gF. Not ideal, but it should be much better:

Here is the complete datasheet: http://www.omron.com/ecb/products/pdf/en-b3f.pdf

I will eventually try these other pushbuttons. I’ll have to unsolder the others without damaging the board though. Wish me luck.

I cannot find the same round caps. What is the refs?


Hi Tom,
These look like the right caps (but not 100% sure):

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Nice. Good to customize. Thanks

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I received the buttons. They feel much better! I soldered these ones: https://www.digikey.fr/product-detail/fr/omron-electronics-inc-emc-div/B3F-5050/SW801-ND/368377

I just miss a couple of components to finish the new console. :slight_smile:


Small update: the electronic part of the console with the other buttons is finished. The sound is too low, and the settings are maxed out. I will try a different resistor. I also need to laser cut a case.

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@Tom, great stuff!

Keep us updated on your progress! :slight_smile: