Python for Nibble

Hello ! i just bought my nibble, assembled it and tried few things

Being new to code, i tried Blocks, but couldn’t figure it out

I know a bit of python but i can’t make it in the Code section ?

Is it really compatible ?

Hi, Nibble is python-compatible, but we do not have a tutorial that teaches you how to set up the coding environment.
You’d probably want to start with a tutorial like this one:

About the blocks (I suppose you are referring to CircuitBlocks) - why didn’t you manage to figure them out? Which problems did you have?

About the blocks, i can’t understand what they do. I can code Scratch but not Circuitblocks for some reason.

Other topic but can you do a tutorial on how to import games from the community ?

I can’t comprehend what each block should be doing. I don’t know where to start, how to start. I’m struggling to get something printed on the screen

Hi NoVa.Nibble
I seem to be having the same problem as you, but I do understand it a bit. There is a tutorial for circuitblocks, so you should start there! It teaches you how to make animations, print text, and work, so you should probably do that. I’ll put a link to the tutorial: That’s also why I made the topic asking if you could port scratch games to the nibble:

Hello @Tizzlerbot76, thanks for helping out. :slight_smile:
We will be replying to your topic soon.