Request for a ringo library to support Mac OS 10.11

Although I have the Arduino (and therefore Circuitblocks) app working on a Mac running the latest OS, it does not work on my son’s Macbook with OS 10.11

When trying to compile anything against the “Ringo by Circuitmess” library an error is shown:

c1plus: internal compiler error: Illegal instruction: 4
libbacktrace could not find executable to open

Based on the post below this appears to be an issue with the default MacOS level set during compilation of the library

Would it be possible when next compiling the library to make it compatible with older Macs please?

Many thanks,

Hey there,

We had some issues with the latest Mac OS version and have fixed some of them, with the new release scheduled to release this upcoming week.

We’ll look into this as well and hopefully add it as soon as possible into CircuitBlocks! :smiley:

Keep in touch - I might contact you for testing purposes as well.


Thanks Robert,

I only tried the basic Hello World via the serial connection on my 10.14.6 Mac, which had no issues at all. If I can assist with testing on 10.14 or 10.11 (the two OS versions I have), please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks again,

Glad to hear that Marcus!

Expect a message in a couple of days. :smiley: