Restore firmware not working


I am unable to restore firmware on my nibble. I get a javascript error. I have just sent you an error report, number 1636. Please could you help? Thanks.

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Hey @AJC,

thank you for reaching out.

Our software team will check on the error report ID and get back to you with the solution.


Hey there!

This is a first, but I’m afraid your error report has turned out too big and got cut in half somewhere during the transport to our server database :sweat_smile:
The first half, containing information about compiled sketches and uploads got there safely, but the second half, which I presume contains the error during firmware restore, is missing.

But fear not, you can always send another report. Please open up CircuitBlocks and try restoring the firmware so the error happens again, and then send a new error report. Let me know your report ID, and I’ll make sure we get your Nibble up and running as soon as possible :slight_smile: