Ringo dead after running welcome message from Arduino IDE


I run all the test at the startup screen of the Ringo phone ==> OK :slight_smile:

I also updated the firmware ==> WiFi is connected.

… and then I started to program the 1st example with the Arduino IDE and since then my Ringo is DEAD :frowning:

Pressing the [Start] button at the phone ==> screen stays dark.

I already pressed the reset button on the right side of the phone ==> nothing.

I already disconnected the battery for a minute ==> Ringo still dead.

I can see only 1 red LED on the mainboard ON when looking from the side of the phone.

I didn’t find any hint in this community …

Please help,


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Hey, I had a similar problem once.

If Ringo will not turn on, sometimes it gets a little jammed somewhere.
You can try wiring vcc to the screen itself and that is enough to directly load Ringo.
It may be a capacitor or something that wasn’t properly designed maybe…

Let me know what occurs if resuscitation(something bypass?) doesn’t work for it.
There might be a more engineering term for this, but I’m a roboticist, so I only have fancy terms.


do you mean, unplugging the battery and then making a shortage?


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That’s a very depressing way of looking at it, but yes - You are “making a shortage”.
The idea is to jump start the Ringo controller. If it turns on, then it should work properly again.

Didn’t work :frowning:

Are there any testing points where I could measure the voltage?

Or do you think, it is an issue with the µC not rebooting and hanging in Nirwana?

Do you know of any additional reset buttons or button combinations?


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It could be tricking you. You may be loading your faultyware overtop of the loading screen. It might be on, but you can’t see it. You can try reloading the firmware and everything. Reflash an SD card…

If it really is a power problem, you may have to keep looking for the right one.
Troubleshooting power is something I spend a lot of time on with a lot of different devices. When I discovered the screen solution, I was also shipping my Ringo out to circuitmess the morning after. I smacked the USB port off by accident. When I opened my Ringo for the first time, I didn’t notice the half soldered joint. It’s a common mistake in manufacturing for this port type.

I would pull out a battery and just connect the wires to different places until I see the Ringo load up from the loading blinker.

What battery can I take?

3 Volt without destroying any chip?

Hey there!

No, there is absolutely no need to short anything!!!
You will just damage it that way. Please, @8bitRobot don’t say things like that, that will just damage Ringo.

The first example was just to see if everything is working properly with the connection - now you’ve just uploaded an empty firmware onto it.

What you need to do is go to Arduino, select Tools and set the Programmer setting to “Ringo firmware”.

Make sure that the board is set to “Ringo by CircuitMess”.

Then just select burn bootloader and the original Ringo firmware will be back! :smiley:


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Wow, Ringo is alive again :slight_smile:

I think, you need to mark that better in the tutor, what to do to reanimate Ringo after putting it to the funeral …

I nearly got a heart attack and needed a defibrillator as well :nerd_face:


No worries! :smiley:

Thanks for the tip, will add a little notice now immediately! :slight_smile:

Enjoy your phone!


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would that work for the issue I have been having with my Ringo? I still cant make calls, even with sim cards that get great reception on other phones (GSM). I know you said it worked fine when I sent it in but im at the same point I was before

@jbach50 You can try, but it doesn’t seem like it would change anything.
The hardware you have is fine, but obviously the service around isn’t, or at least isn’t good enough for Ringo, which doesn’t have the strongest antennas.

But if you say that the reception works fine with every other phone, this should still provide at least something… It’s all a mystery for now, unfortunately :confused: .


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oh I know I know you guys did your testing and all night I appreciate everything you guys did it’s probably the signal in this area because the one phone I have the SIM card in I was going to use is hit and miss some days too but it does work most times as you said it’s got a weak antenna I’ve been using the Ringo for other things just like we had a blackout here for a day and a half it was a flashlight for a while but it was also all learning experience putting it together I love the kit I’m going to try some of the new ones when they come out


We still think that the coolest factor of the phone is the flashlight - you’re never in the dark with so many lights! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just keep making, learning, and exploring, we’ll be here to deliver!


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