[Ringo]Joystick problem

Hello, I recently bought the Ringo 2G through Elektor’s shop, soldererd everything, did the first test everything went fine and I went through the calibration and test procedure.
Next day wanted to play a bit with it and the joystick acted weird. Since I did not charge the battery fully, I thought that it must be just that.
I charged the battery full, retested and the phone registered input with the joystick in neutral. I lost directions UP, LEFT and UP-LEFT. DOWN-RIGHT seems to register very often.
I took a look on the schematics, took some measurement with my voltmeter and found that with joystick in neutral, the X pin is at a voltage varying around 0.3 0.5v and Y pin is at a fixed 2.9v.
I have 3.3v on X+ pin and Y+ pin. X- and Y- properly grounded. No solder bridge. The ADC gets proper 3.3v ( I assume so, I did not take the oscilloscope )
I think the joystick is broken.
I recorded everything in a video, it was to provide content for my youtube chanel, that’s still a 3h long video so it will take me some time if you want some footage.
I can take oscilloscope measurement if needed too.
I can buy the part if it’s not in the scope of the support, I just need the part references.

Thanks !

Thanks for hitting us up.

Sorry to hear that, if you’ve checked it all then it must be a faulty joystick.

We have no problem sending you one free of charge but due to this whole Coronavirus thing, shipments to some countries are much slower than usual.

Since this is a part that cannot be bought because it’s custom made, hit me up in the DM with your details so we can send you one! :smiley:


Hi !
I can go further in the tests, I just did basic tests with a multimeter. From the schematic and what I measured, I assume that at neutral, ouput voltages on both X and Y pins should be at around 1.6V and then 0V should be translated into a “negative” value for example left at 0V and “positive” at 3.3V as right.
I can test that out of circuit.

I’m in no hurry for the repair I don’t mind delays.

Thanks for the quick response !

Okay, if you wish, just do what ever you want to do with this! :slight_smile:

Whenever you feel like replacing if you don’t manage to do anything - feel free to reach out so we’ll send you a new one. :slight_smile:


That explains why I couldn’t find them online anywhere! Haha I love this little joystick’s design.