Ringo phone screen not working

Hi, I have just finished building ringo phone. After turing on, the screen shines white, and is fixed. No menu, nothing is there. cannot be turned off as well - except of unplugging the battery. tried restart, not working. any ideas? Wladek


Hey @Wladek,

It is a common problem that happens when the soldering is not executed perfectly.
Please re-work all of your soldering joints that donโ€™t look like in the pictures. :slight_smile:

Of course, before starting to re-solder the joints, remove the battery so nothing gets fried.


The makerbuino that I made was not perfect too but it still worked. Any other possible explanation? If not, I will do as suggested

You could also reflash the firmware using Arduino IDE or CircuitBlocks, but this is 99% soldering problem.