Ringo randomly losing texts or receiving coded SMS

Hi All,

New around here. Hoping I can contribute soon, once I figure out how to get the IDE installed and build some firmware.

In the meantime, I figured that I would create a post and ask if anyone has had similar problems to me. I have been losing text messages to the void every once in a while. They either go missing completely (when my other phone will receive them fine with the same SIM), or some texts will be cut off after a single line of text.

But probably the weirdest issue is that some texts seem to be converted into code:

/VVM:SYNC:EV=nm;id=20-0;c=4;t=v;s=15555555555;dt=02/12/2019 01:30 -0900 -0800;l=37@@

Where all the 5s are is where a person’s phone number would be. The date of reception, as well as the timezone seem to be embedded in there.

Anyone else having this problem?

For data collection purposes, I have the 4G version of the phone, signal is strong (7-9), and the SD card that I have in there is a 16GB class-10 Kingston card. Network is T-Mobile (U.S).

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This seems to be a problem of saving SMS on the SD card. Since everything on the phone is stored on the SD card, if it doesn’t work properly, it can bring to some data loss.

What is might going on here, is that when the message comes, it doesn’t get saved on the SD card for one of the various reasons (could be bad card, bad connection of the card, or something else).

Can you please try formatting the card or try some other SD card so we can determine whether the problem is in the card itself or something else?

We’ll sort this out, no worries! :slight_smile:

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