Ringo reboots in constant loop

I had some problems initially constructing my Ringo including a button that wasn’t soldered properly. It worked except for that button. I disassembled the Ringo and fixed the button. Now when I power it on, it shows the logo and then reboots and goes back to the logo and then reboots…

Any ideas on how to fix this?

@isaac24, thank you for supporting our work and I am sorry for the problems that you’re having.

Please, can you give us some photos of your phone’s circuit board so that we can examine the soldering joints.

Don’t worry, we’ll help you make your phone work :slight_smile:

I was getting ready to take some pictures of my circuitboard when i noticed that the battery wires were damaged. i must had accidentally hit them whne trying to fix the button.

Could that be causing the phone to constantly reboot and not load?

Also, should I try to update the firmware? I haven’t done that yet?


@isaac24, no need to update the firmware, it won’t fix the issue since the initial firmware shipped with the phones is fully functional and the updates only include minor bugfixes and tweaks.

I cannot tell if the damaged wires are causing the issue without seeing the device, can you please send me a few photos?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Any ideas about what the problem could be?

@isaac24 sorry for the slow reply.

Let me check this with my colleagues and get back to you tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience

@isaac24 Hey, we have checked the pictures and we can’t see any apparent reasons why this is happening. I think it would be best to send the phone back to us back for repairs, and we’ll get it back to you free of charge. If that’s okay with you, please send us an email to contact@circuitmess.com and we’ll arrange everything from there. Hope this helps!

Thanks for looking into this. I had some other comments about the instructions and constructing the phone but i can’t remember them now. I’ll send it later once i remember.

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