Ringo screen is white

Hi, Yesterday I built my Ringo and it worked perfectly, then when I turned it on the screen was totally white.I have tried to reset it, unplug the battery, I don’t know what to do.

Hey there!

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Can you please take off the back casing of the phone and take a couple of pictures?
I would just like to check some of the things.

No worries, we’ll sort it all out! :smiley:


Hey there sorry for the late reply,
your message somehow slipped and we didn’t see it!

It seems to me from what I can see that some of the soldering work isn’t done correctly. Please, just re-work some of the pads that don’t look like those in the picture and everything should be working fine again!


Hi, you were totally right, after I soldered everything that wasn’t perfect, I connected it to the battery and the screen went instantly back to normal.
Thank you😁

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Great to hear that! :smiley:

Keep in touch if there are any more problems, thanks!