Sad day for my Makerbuino

I just got my package, I was waited for it the whole summer. I started building it, and then my brother decided to join in. And he ended up just ruining the board itself. . . Just really sad about it now, I was looking forward to building my own. . .

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Hello @AwkAlt!

Could you post some detailed photos of the board to evaluate the damage? Maybe it is still salvageable :slight_smile:

If not, I’m sure you can buy a replacement if you contact support.

Never lose hope!

Despite of it being damaged, I continued building it, It’s working but it’s missing 1 serial programmer and 1 100v c4 :frowning: the 100v c4 is the port that was covered by iron. And my kit is missing the 4 nuts and bolts and the serial programmer rip </3

@luke27 heres the finished product with the missing parts

Hi again,

It doesn’t look bad at all. Without that c4, which is a capacitor, I guess you don’t have any sound, right? You still have that component? The only problem is the covered holes? Because heating the solder while pushing (gently) the component in, and switching between heating one pad and the other should let you insert the component without any problem :slight_smile:. If your component is missing, you can buy another one in any electronics parts shop. The price is only some cents. Bring the console with you for them to see exactly what component you need.

About the bolts and nuts… Were they missing in the parcel? You could ask contact@ for the missing components or you could buy them in a hardware store. Do not give up! The effort is worth! :wink:

@AwkAlt, is your MAKERbuino up and running now?
Did you manage to find the missing components somewhere?
Did you write to about the missing parts?

Albert from the MAKERbuino team