Screen backlight only working [SOLVED]

When I was first testing my Makerbuino everything worked fine, but when I came to a final stage of inserting SD card, the screen stopped working. I inserted SD card nothing happedned, and then I turned on Makerbuino again and screen was showing nothing, only backlight was on.

Is it working if you remove the SD card again?

No it does not. Maybe I corrupted microprocesor memory?

here is one pic

This happened to me yesterday, then it worked again this morning till now (I can only hear button sound)

@Bl4ckM4ch1n3 soon I’m going to test the SD card’s pin, but the screen issue is giving me some trouble

Please Check the solder joints of your screen. I can’t tell if it’s the quality of the Image or if the two leftmost Pins of your screen are bridged.

Yeah the pins are bridged I will try to solder that again. Thnaks

@Bl4ckM4ch1n3 I fixed the bridged solder and still thisame, only backlight works. I doubt it was a solder problem cause the screen was showing gamebuino title when I was first testing it.

A bridged connection between two different signals will always result in problems. It can even cause damage to some components. I guess you bridged the GND and LIGHT signal if I remember the pin out correctly. Can you hear the button sound if you turn the sound on?

@Bl4ckM4ch1n3 Thanks for a soldering tip :smiley:. I don’t hear anything when I press the button.

Okay then please check for other bridged contacts for example the MCU pins :slight_smile:

I checked everything. I really don’t know what is the problem, as I said earlier it worked when I built it . But now it doesn’t for some strange reason.

Everything is working fine now! Did a hard reset twice, and second time it worked! Thanks for trying to help @Bl4ckM4ch1n3 :smile:

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I’m glad that your MAKERbuino works!
I’ll mark the topic als solved :slight_smile: