Screen display issues

Hello community,

I received my makerbuino friday and mounted it yesterday. Since the first screen test (first time I turn on the system) there have been screen issues.
It turns black sometimes from top to bottom. I tried to reinitilize it pressing the C button and then turn on the system but it does not work. The only thing that works is to press on the top left corner.
Thank you for your answers.


Yeah I also got these issues on my screen not very often(I think it randomly happens) but if I press the screen a little bit(gently not hard) then turn it off then reset it and then turn it on, it works pretty well… But I don’t know if the others have better solutions but this little handy trick always helps me out.

Hope this helps you

Hi Beni0121,

Thanks for your answer. I already tried that trick you talk about, but I suspect it might damage the screen if performed too often, or with too much strength…

Could it come from a poorly soldered joint (though I did my best and checked each step) ?
Thank you.

Hi Coralie,

No, it’s doesn’t your fault. If you look closer at the screen’s PCB you can see that in the top left and the top right there are two holes. And these holes are missing some screws. Don’t worry if you didn’t put the screws there because you can’t(I tried but the PCB doesn’t have the missing screws holes in the right place). So if you could place some kind of thick supporter below the top of the screen I think it could solve the problem because, I think the problem is a contact faul near the screen’s solderable legs. So you didn’t do anything wrong, it’s just the PCB’s fault :smiley:

So try putting a thick supporter below the screen and restart the system.
Hope it works

@Coco_Chix, welcome to the forum and thank you for supporting MAKERbuino.

This doesn’t look too good and I think that your screen is somehow defective.

If you’re confident enough with soldering, we can send you a replacement screen (send me your address via private messaging) or you send your MAKERbuino to us so that we can replace your screen.

I apologize for the inconvenience.