Screen flickering

Hi Guys!

Got my makerbuino yesterday and after finishing the soldering, I’ve noticed that the screen has a flickering effect like it has a bad contact or something. However, I’ve already verified that there is no problem with tried connection. Is it possible that my screen is broken or something?

Link for the video to visualize the problem:

Thanks for helping

I’m pretty certain it is not a faulty display. I’ve tried two displays (a blue one and a white one) and the problem remains.
I’m starting to suspect that it’s something to do with the unregulated supply to the LCD module. Not sure though.


same problem here as well :frowning:

Sometimes it works for a couple of seconds, then the flickering appears again :frowning:

I also checked soldering connections - they seem to be fine.

Anyone any idea - could it be the capaistors ?

Guys, mine got better after I removed the microcontroller and put it again, one of the pins of the support was a bit bent, so I fixed it with a tiny screwdriver. My contrast is at 42 and sometimes the problem appears again, but is very rare now. Hope this help you

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Mine is at the lightest at 30 and it still flickers badly. I also attempted to remove the microcontroller and put it back. I also removed the screen, sprayed WD40 on the contact points and it didn’t get better.

I observed that when i pinch the top of the screen hard, it gets better for a short while, before fading back to black again.

Ok, after going trough all my solderings and resolder any
dodgy looking ones, I still had the same flickering problem.

I then reseated the microcontroller - still the same problem.

I then took a closer look at the deliverd Nokia-Screen+ Board … and
there were two soldering points which where relativly big. So I resoldered them
with less solder so the connectors of the whole board fits more deeple
into the connectors on the Makerbuino … and violia it’s now working like a
charm with contrast setting around 45 :slight_smile:


Well done htw8849 and it’s can help others who have this problem… It’s will not solve all but it’s can solve some :wink:

@htw8849, @lemossilva, congratulations on figuring that out!

@lemossilva, @JacksonNg in these cases I usually send a replacement screen to the users. Please try heating the contacts on the screen connector and on the MCU once again and PM me your Kickstarter username if the problem is still present after that.

So @htw8849 resoldered the screen terminals to remove excessive solder to make more of a better connection to the PCB board terminal… Interesting find…


@lemossilva, @JacksonNg, any progress? Have you managed to fix the issue or shall we send you a new screen?

@albertgajsak my screen is fine now, don’t know exactly what it was but it is all good. Thanks!

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@lemossilva, awesome news!
Please share your working MAKERbuino with the rest of us here:

Pics or it didn’t happen :wink:

@JacksonNg, now it’s your turn. Any progress?

I’m having the same issue as the original poster – flickering horizontal lines that roll down the screen from top to bottom… also the screen arrived with a scratch right in the center of it :frowning:

I tried reflowing the solder on the connector, and re-seating the MCU, both to no effect. Any ideas?

@jasker, please create a new topic for your problem and include a couple of photos of your MAKERbuino’s front and back side.

Thank you!