Screen is not working after 12 step [SOLVED]

Hi guys!

Thank you for a great project!

I’ve been putting things together and faced with a problem that a screen doesn’t turn on after step 12.
Doesn’t show any signs of life.

I’ve checked all every step, and checked that a battery is working.
Attaching pictures, I hope it will help to understand what’s a problem.

Btw, I also have one of M3 screws with a nut and a distancer missing.

Thanks you!

Following pictures:

@mrded, thank you for supporting MAKERbuino and welcome to the forum.

Please go back to build guide chapter #3 and slowly go through the steps again:

You are missing a voltage regulator, the device cannot work without that component.

What missing screws are you referring to?
If you’re talking about the small screws used for fastening the screen (M2), you should only have two of those.
Please examine the full list of components here:

Pay close attention to this photo:

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I’m missing one of M3 screws. I got only 3 of the. I suppose it’s not a big problem, screen can be fixed only with three.

That’s right! Back to soldering!

btw, it was a really quick reply :wink:


@mrded, please read my last reply carefully.

  1. you are talking about M2 screws, not M3 screws
  2. Please examine the photo from the last post, you only need two M2 screws and the console was designed in a way that the screen is fixed only using two M2 screws via the two bottom holes.
    This was also explained here:

All working good. Thanks for your help!

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Great stuff! Make sure to share some photos of your finished MAKERbuino here:

Pics or it didn’t happen! :slight_smile: