Screen issues

I have just finished step 12 and I think I did everything right.
The problem is that my screen does not light up every time i flip the switch. Sometimes i find sweet spot wher it works everytime (comepletly normal, it says adjust contrast),but if i move it and try turning the screen on it isnt working.

I tried resoldering batery and checked everything 3 times.

Should i just go on with building or what?


Could you post some images of the frontside and backside of your soldered PCB? This would help finding the error :smiley:

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@Filip, as @Bl4ckM4ch1n3 said, please give us some photos of your build.


@Filip, thank you for the photo, but we also need to see the backside of your console as most of your soldering joints are located over there.

Thank you for your understanding and don’t worry, we’ll help you make your MAKERbuino work :slight_smile:

I think the problem is in parts because ther are no bridges or bad soldering

Hey Filip! I think you forgot to solder SD socket’s contacts. You don’t have to solder the three righter most pins though.

As @Lilly said please solder your SD Socket contatcs.

And please check the marked solder joints:

Your image is a little bit blurry so I’m guessing that the blue marked solder joints are looking like shortened (connection bewteen two or more solder joints) and the green marked solder joint looks like there is almost no solder so please resolder those joints :slight_smile:

I fixed all the things you pointed out and everything works!
I just want to thank you all for helping me!
I will go on with building now!

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I’m glad to hear that! :slight_smile:
Have fun finishing your MAKERbuino! :blush:

@Bl4ckM4ch1n3 and @Lilly, thank you for helping @Filip out!

@Filip, congrats on making your MAKERbuino work! :slight_smile: