Screen not working, but can hear sound

I’ve got the package and everything is good) I even assembled one console yesterday. But unfortunately there is nothing on the screen when I turn on console but I can hear sound. I checked all tips manual for this case and everything was ok. Can you help me find out a problem?

@prontsevich, thank you for supporting MAKERbuino and welcome to the forum.

I am sorry that you’re experiencing problems with your build.

I am not sure why your MAKERbuino is not working as your soldering joints look super-duper. I guess you must be dealing with some sort of a defective screen (not sure how that happened either because I personally test every one of them).

Anyways, we have two options

  1. us sending you a replacement screen and you replacing the screen
  2. you sending us the console and us replacing your screen
    Choose option 1) only if you think you have the skills for desoldering and replacing the screen yourself.

I apologize for the inconvenience.
-Albert from MAKERbuino

I can desolder screen and check it with my Arduino Uno. Can you provide me a simple sketch to check the screen?

@prontsevich, congratulation on your skills, you can try with a simple example sketch from the Gamebuino library:

Although, I am almost certain that you’re dealing with a defective screen since
a) everything is soldered perfectly
b) the microcontroller, regulator, and everything else is working properly (you can hear the boot-up sound).

Anyways, give it a try with an UNO and we’ll ship you a replacement ASAP if the screen truly is defective.

Be extra cautious whilst desoldering the screen as it can be a tricky thing to do.

Thanks for response, I will test the screen on weekend and give the result)

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Great, thank you so much.
Please, keep us posted! :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend!

It’s hard to see on your picture. But are you sure there are no shorts between the LCD pins?

@Ma_X, I think there are none, this all looks pretty well soldered.

Just in case, @prontsevich, you can try swiping with a soldering iron between every lcd screen pin one more time.


Finally, everything works! :slight_smile:

I desoldered screen and checked it on my Arduino Uno. It worked. So I just cleaned all pads on PCB and soldered screen again. And I saw game menu on the screen :slight_smile:


@prontsevich, that was really strange and I cannot explain why the screen didn’t work in the first place but I’m glad that you’ve made the console work! Kudos!

By the way, those photos are very very good, I hope you won’t mind me sharing it on our social media channels :slight_smile:

Sure, use them where you want :slight_smile:
And about the screen maybe there was small bridge on another side of PCB. But nevermind, everything works now:)

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