Screen not working

Hello everybody. I received my Makerbuino today and I couldn’t wait to start building it. I thought it went good and there were no problems but then when I should turn on my screen for the first time nothing happened. I really don’t know what I have done wrong so if anybody has any ideas please come with them.

Kindly regards

Hi August. To help you better, you should post some pictures of your MAKERbuino.
It’s maybe not an error from you but we can’t eject this possibility. Even the pictures will maybe not show the problem, there is a chance that we see it. (I’m not english so i hope you can understand me … :wink: )

Hi Jean

I would also post some pictures but I couldn’t figure out how to do it…

When you post, you have a symbol with an “up arrow”, clic on it. It will ask you if you want upload a picture from your local device or from internet. Choose your device and choice the picture to upload.
I have to go out now but i’ll have a look when i’ll be back and you’ll maybe aleady have another answer.

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Okay. I have tried to asemble it now and tried to recharge it but if that isn’t working I will post some pictures. Thanks again

Now I have another problem. I tried to charge it and now the screen came with some light. But now it only have the white light like you can see on the picture. Anyone knows what to do?

I have the same problem (screen with light but without anything written on it)
Did you figure out a solution?
If you did please let me know.
Thank you

No but now my light stopped working again. I think I will try to look all my solders through and see if there are any problems.

Good idea and take pictures of the card with solder. Maybe its a component mount problem or a bad solder. Someone could see something you missed.

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Can anyone please tell me if any soldering issue might have caused my screen not to display anything? (The light is on, on the screen but nothing is displayed)

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I see no problem on this picture. Sorry, i hope something else will be able to help you.

Can you see any problems here. I bought two Makerbuinos and I tried to switch the screen and the light came back on

Thank you Jean Charles! I don’t know why the screen isn’t displaying anything… frustrating! I will see if anyone can help me with this! Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

@August_Hilliger You’re soldering doesn’t look good around the screen connections, I would make sure you’re soldering iron is clean and clean off some of that solder on them joints… see the following image…

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You’re soldering doesn’t look good my friend… see the following image, you can see the power switch is shorted and you’re screen solder joints look shorted too… try cleaning some of that solder from them joints.

thank you @bitfogav !! I will try to do that after work!
Thanks for your input! hope it will work :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. I will try that right now

It didn’t work :frowning: but thanks anyways

I’m not sure but it’s seems on the picture that you could have cut 2 copper track by scratching the space between 2 solders. It’s maybe a visual effect.
If the tracks are cuted, you will have to remove protective varnish by scratching delicately on each side of the crack and solder a jump
Else you can solder a wire between the start of the track and the end (it’s can be more easy maybe because tracks are easy to follow)


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Okay, Thank you. I will try that later