Screen shows blank horizontal lines [SOLVED]

Hi there.
After assembling the kit successfully, the screen and sound worked fine and the kids enjoyed playing with it for a few hours. However, from a certain point, the kit refused to work: the screen backlight worked, but there was no picture, neither sounds. Reading solutions to similar problems reported on the forum, I tried the “C button trick” – and it actually worked: the screen and sounds came back to life.

Unfortunately, the screen started to show a few blank horizontal lines on the bottom. I tried to re-attach the screen, refine the solderings [double-checked with multimeter], but the screen keeps showing a few blank [dead?] lines on its bottom - as seen on the attached photo.

[you could notice that the serial programmer header is not soldered, because it was not included in the kit - but that’s another issue]

Any ideas…?

@elicn, thank you for supporting MAKERbuino and I am sorry for the problems that you’re experiencing.

That looks like a pretty old version of the kit. TBH we had quite some manufacturing issues back then.

The screen seems to be defective so this has nothing to do with your soldering

Please, send me your address via PM and we’ll send you a new screen and the serial programmer connector ASAP:

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thanks for the prompt reply!
This is a Kickstarter kit, so this is indeed an old one :slight_smile:
Embarrassingly, I can’t find the way to send you a PM; please start a private conversation and I’ll reply to it.

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Thank you for supporting the project at its roots! This company was founded thanks to our first kickstarter’s huge success.

Ler’s jump to email directly -

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