Screen tearing but only the loader screen [SOLVED]

Hi there,
after assembling and soldering the device worked very well for several days.
But since today the loader screen is flickering and tearing.
When I select a game, the screen will freeze till the game is loaded and from that point on everything works normal.
I tried to reset the device via the settings menu, and I also tried the C-Button reset but this didn’t help at all.

I never heard of a similar problem before, can you please supply us with some photos or videos of the problem?

Also, what do you mean by “the loader screen is and tearing”?

Thx alot for the quick answer,
for the moment I’m not able to post a video as I’m not able to reproduce the behavieor - it seems that the ‘solution’ was to turn of the Device for some hours :slight_smile:
For the record I will attach a Photo:

I am a bit confused now, are you still experiencing the issue or not?

It seems that my previous post was mistakable, I appologize.
At the time I posted the Picture I was not able to reproduce the failure to make a video (wich would have shown the failure much better); instead I posted the picture which I shot 2 hours before as the failure occurred for the first time.
But he failure did not happen again.

Thank you for your support.

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Ok, if something weird starts happening again, keep us posted!