SD card not recognized [SOLVED]

Upload any of the examples included in the Gamebuino library. You’ll end up in the title screen. Press the C-Button and it should flash the LOADER.HEX located on the SD card. This way you can test if it works :slight_smile:

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I asked because I haven’t re-soldered the display: if there are problems anyway I’ll have to detach it
I’ll make something tonight/tomorrow lets see

Can’t get display as of now, but I can hear the game’s sound

@0x1001, you’re making things way too complicated.

This looked like a simple soldering issue to me as there is no way there could be 4 unconnected traces on the PCB.

  1. you didn’t have to desolder the SD socket and connect the wires directly to the SD card
  2. Desoldering the screen was unnecessary and not a good idea

My suggestion is that you send us your unit and I will fix it and return it to you.

Well desoldering was my last resort, I tried many things but it wasn’t working
Thank you guys for the assistance, I’m going to ship it monday

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Ok, please update me after you ship the unit. I will try to look into it and fix it ASAP.


Got back the Gamebuino this morning and it works fine, you’re awesome!

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I’m glad that this is solved, I was personally fixing your device and the solution was quite simple - I just replaced the SD card socket.
I am still not sure what caused the issue, maybe it was caused by the SD socket being defective in the first place or was damaged in the transportation/assembly process.

Anyways, thank you for your patience and supporting MAKERbuino!

I’ll mark the topic as solved.
Keep making :slight_smile:!

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I had a problem with the SD card too. I found this thread quite helpful, but the image above, with the wiring, seems to be wrong. Also the numbering on the PCB is wrong, isn’t it? The pins should be 1 to 14 and 15 to 28, right?

@ben_el_dude, the pin number is wrong, you are correct.

We will correct that in Q1 2019’s hardware update.

Thank you for your understanding