SIM phoning doesn't work

we build the phone and it seem to be fully working apart from being able to make phonecalls.
Oddly it seems the emergency numbers work, but nothing else.

We are in London, UK.

What;s the issue?


I suspect, since emergency service numbers work and others don’t, you are encountering one of a couple possible issues:

  1. The SIM has no active service (activated it and paid the bill??)

  2. You don’t have good signal. I think in the UK emergency calls can still go out over older cell tech (2G for example) while all other calls have to use newer tech (3G or 4G).

Hi, @Marcus_Kirsch,

@TheWebMachine provided some good suggestions!

If everything else works just fine, it must be one of these two:

  1. The SIM card is not activated - if the SIM card is new, it is possible that it still hasn’t been activated. Check the provider’s instructions on how to do that. It’s usually done with a simple phone call or a text message.
  2. The area has a low strength signal - the antenna on Ringo is unfortunately not as strong as on modern smartphones, and we’ve seen different results depending on the carrier and your location. That’s why if you’re inside a house or in a place where the signal is not quite strong, the phone might get no reception. Go to the area with a stronger signal (or near a window if you’re indoors) in order to get the connection. Also, try switching to a different service provider since different providers have different network coverage in certain areas.

Keep us posted!
-Marija from CircuitMess

So I had another test with a new activated SIM card.

It now says ‘no SIM detected’ evebn though the SIM is brand new and in there.

@Marcus_Kirsch Could you please send me a photo of how you inserted it? It should be with the golden pins facing upwards like in this case in build guide.
It would also be very helpful to send a photo of your Ringo without casings to check out the soldering joints and see if some might need to be fixed.

Let’s start there and we’ll see what the next step is! Thanks for your cooperation :slight_smile:
-Marija from CircuitMess

Thank you Marija,

I havent had that issue previously, it not being detected.

I have basics in software and hardware, so I indeed might have to check the soldering again. I think it was initially working and it detected the SIM.

However given that it doesnt now, I will have to open it back up and check if there are any broken solder connections.

The SIM was surely put in the right way.


Hi M,

Thanks for letting me know!
I’ll be waiting for your update and we’ll go over the solder connections once you send the photos.

Stay in touch :slight_smile:

So the sim part is part of the main board, which came with the kit as you know. As it is part of it I would assume the board has a flaw. My electronic skills dont go as far as being able to fix one of yoru boards.
Would there be another connection between your kit parts needing to be faulty for the SIM not to be recognised? I would assume the mainboard works as standalone, if you kno wwhat I mean.


Please send us photos of the front and back side of your Ringo without casing.

Just making sure you know this - if you insert the SIM card in your Ringo, you need to reset it, otherwise it won’t detect the SIM card automatically.

I did not know this. How do I reset the Ringo?

Hey Marcus,

You hold down the power button. A reboot or power off pop-up will appear.

Hope this helps

i turned it fully off. then switched it on, went to the security tab to access it and it says no SIM in.
I also tried factory reset via the About sub menu.

doesnt seem to work.


Tried SIM card check on setup, SIM not found.


feels like a faulty main board.

Marcus, please send us a photo of the front and back side of your phone without the casing attached.

All of our circuit boards are tested before being shipped out to our customers, but if something is faulty for some reason, we will of course fix it or send you a replacement, I just need the photos in order to inspect this further

PS I am sure you test well. But things can slip at times. Let’s see. I tried to take a photo of all solders from all angles.

Thank you very much.

We’ll take a look at this tomorrow and I or @marijaCM will get back to you.

Thank you for your patience and sorry for the problems you’ve encountered

You very kind, thanks for the great support