SMS is not shown on makerphone

There seems to be an issue when receiving a SMS containing emojis.
I sent myself a “hello :slight_smile:”. It does show up on the main screen, but not in the SMS menu.
Question: How do I get rid of the SMS?
And second, it would be nice if such a SMS would be recogniced correctly by the phone.

First of all, thanks for supporting the project!

Now let’s get to business!
Could you tell me what were you doing when recieving this problematic SMS, were you in some specific menu or game, was the SD card inserted?
If you can’t recall those details. don’t worry.
Also, can you reproduce the issue? Does every text message result in this issue?

As for the notification, there seems to have been a bug while saving the message to the SD card and that results in an SMS that you can’t read so it will always stay unread and the notification will persist.
To clear the notification manually, follow these steps:

  1. Take out the SD card from your MAKERphone
  2. Reset your phone with the SD card missing (hold the power button and select reset)
  3. Insert the SD card into the SD card reader provided with your phone
  4. Insert in a computer and open the SD card files
  5. In the folder “.core” there is a file named “notifications.json”. Delete that file.
  6. Put the SD card back in the phone and reset the phone

After doing so, all the notifications should be cleared.


The hint about removing the SD card solved the issue with the notification.
When I received the SMS the phone was in the main menue and on standby.
I got the beep and the notification about a new SMS, but none were shown in the SMS menue.
Now, after the SD card fix, I cannot reproduce the issue.
So it seems that it also fixed this issue.
I keep you updated in case it happenes again.