SMS send OK receive NOK


My Ringo doesn’t receive any SMS.
Calls work, sending SMS too, but I don’t receive any.

What could be wrong?


This seems to be an SD card problem since that is where the messages get stored.
Can you make sure the SD works properly? It could be corrupted and in need of a quick format.


In fact I do get a few SMS, but for instances not the ones I send to myself

How can I debug this? SD card is fine

Hey, just to make sure,

Receiving messages doesn’t work just when you try to send it to yourself?

That is how it is usually, on every phone, so if that is your issue it’s just the way it is. :slight_smile:


No, I only get 10% of SMS.
Sending SMS to myself is for testing, not I don’t have any friends :wink:

How can I debug this? Is there a verbose mode, a logger, anything?

Well, it could be a couple of things.

Would you please tell me where are you from and which version of the phone you have (2G/4G)?

If the signal in your area is weak, or you are inside of a building which messes with the reception, the messages might not even get to your phone.

Another thing is a corrupt SD card. SMS messages are saved to the SD card and even though it might look like it works, those are little delicate devices that are known to be bad really often. If you have any extra SD cards, I would suggest that you try that one just to check if it works better. You can find default SD card files here

You can check what is going on with the phone by using CircuitBlocks or Arduino IDE. There is a thing called ‘Serial Monitor’ which pretty much writes out all of the actions that are happening inside of the phone. That way when you send a message towards it, you will be able to see if the phone even receives the message or if it has trouble saving it.

Try some of these and contact me again.
If you have any troubles with setting it all up, feel free to ask.

Cheers, :smiley:

I’ll try the serial monitor and report back. I’m from France and have the 2G module.

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