Solid core vs standard wire? [SOLVED]

I have 2 X 2" wires; 1 red and 1 black. Is the red wire the solid core one? In the tutorial the solid core wire is red, but it’s much longer than the one provided in my kit. I can’t really tell the difference between the two.

I stripped a little bit of both wires and they’re not solid core. Is the tutorial suppose to say stranded or standard (it says standard right now)? I don’t seem to have the correct wire included with my kit.

The solid core wire is neither of those, I found it missing from the kits. You just need to use something conductive, like the ‘legs’ of the other components (the bits of wire you cut off from the ends of the the capacitors, etc.).

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+1 on the solid core wire missing from the kit… I actually ended up using the stranded wire for soldering the charger (just twisted it a bit to make it easier to loop through the holes) and then used som other wire i had laying around for the speaker… Wire is everywhere, not hard to come by, so while I agree it sucks that its not included, it isn’t really a thing that should slow you down more than a few minutes.

They should update this part on the tutorial. This wire is not necessary at all. The components cut out legs are way sufficient, and you get some long enough with the resistors, capacitors and diod.

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@Tom, I agree that this part of the guide needs to be changed and will do that ASAP.
Thank you everyone for pointing this out.

@albertgajsak I did update the build guide with a few things several weeks ago, mostly the issues people was having or complaining about on the forum whilst building the kits, but looks like the updates have been removed now… :neutral_face:

@bitfogav, where did you update the guide?
Are you talking about the old page on
We’ve moved everything to a Slate page hosted on Github and will edit everything from there.

I am really grateful for you doing this, please help me make the guide better. I will make a forum topic where I’ll collect everything about guide improvements.

@albertgajsak Yes I am talking about the old guide which was on the GAMEbuino Wiki.

@bitfogav, sorry for my late reply.
As you’ve seen, I’ve removed the wiki-style system in favour for a sleeker wordpress-based guide. Unfortunately, only I can edit it now but I’ve improved the guide with all of your feedback.

I also used stranded wire I found from some of my arduino projects, is this alright? will it still work?!?!
(sorry i get paranoid easily).

That will work fine, stranded is just more awkward to use for this purpose. If everything has good contact then there won’t be a problem.


That helped calm me down

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The purpose of stranded wire is that it is more flexible than solid core wire.