[SOLVED] Spencer Compilation issue

A couple days ago I tried compiling Spencer Firmware in ArduinoIDE to my Spencer device and I got a bunch of errors.

After a lenghty search for the solution, I found out that when downloading the ESP32 board for Spencer in ArduinoIDE, the default option is version 1.5.1, which will cause errors, since the current Spencer Firmware is made for older versions.

I selected version 1.4.2. for my board in Boards Manager, and everything compiled perfectly now!

This was a really tedious and long process, and I hope that this post will shorten it for other new Spencer users.

EDIT: This was done with out of the help of CircuitBlocks and its preconfigured ArduinoIDE, but by installing new ArduinoIDE.


Thank you for sharing this with the community, @marko_milosevic!

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